Mama Gaia, or Mother Earth, moves within us and around us. Gaia provides us with all of the medicine we need right in the natural world. Plant and energy medicine, a mindfulness practice such as yoga and meditation, and a joyful heart filled with gratitude are the keys to holistic wellness. My mission of service is to share this information with whoever is ready to receive it and integrate it into their lives.

At Mama Gaia Medicine, you can practice a variety of yoga styles with certified yoga instructors as well as engage deeply with your holistic journey through one of Rachel’s wellness programs or individual appointments.


Rachel Psencik, owner

Passion, a strong desire for knowledge, and chronic mystery illness propelled me down a path towards alternative medicine, spirituality, and a holistic approach to living. Through my own healing journey, I came to study yoga, holistic nutrition, herbs, and self-healing through trauma resolution and energy clearing. Combining this knowledge with my love for gardening and nature led to the creation of Mama Gaia Medicine.

My path led me towards a deeper understanding and connection to Mama Gaia and the untold wisdom and healing available. I have re-awakened my connection to the divine feminine, healing ancient wounds that have schismed our society. My personal mission is to serve Mama Gaia by reconnecting to a natural way of living on the earth and healing the divine feminine. If you are seeking that connection back to nature, back to the sacred feminine, and back to your intuition, I would be honored to help you on your journey!

ERYT- 200
Wellness Coach

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Serena Lewis, Yoga Instructor

Serena enjoys sharing her love for yoga to the world. Her mission is to help transform the lives of people as they discover their purpose in life. Through asana, meditation, mantra and sound, she helps her students understand their true nature. She considers yoga a form of self-expression and seeks to show others how to experience this through mantra, sound, meditation, and shapes created with their bodies. She incorporates yoga philosophy and mythology into her classes as a tool to help students uncover their true being.

Yin Yoga + Prenatal Yoga Certified
Founder New Moon Yoga Teacher Training