This hatha class will stretch, strengthen, and relax with the added bonus of balancing the doshas. The seasons, the weather, and many other factors affect our bodies and our health. This seasonally-based class will use the practice of yoga to thoughtfully counter these factors and assist in keeping you happy, healthy, and balanced! Expect an invigorating class in winter and spring, a relaxing class in summer, and a grounding class in the fall.



A series of static postures held for several breaths while engaging the muscles of the body. Pranayama (breath work), bandhas (body locks), and drishti (gaze) are the primary focal points of this class.


Hatha Flow

Suitable for all levels of students. Move mindfully through asanas, connecting movement with breath, in a slower-paced class designed to allow you to refine poses and advance your practice.



Coordinate movement with breath to flow from one pose to the next. The breath is given primacy, acting as an anchor for movement. Variety can be expected with each class, but sun salutations will always be included in the practice. The class will range from fast - sometimes vigorous - to slow paced, and will include advanced poses for students who desire them.


Weekend Warrior Flow

This rigorous flow will get the blood pumping and the sweat dripping. Combining yoga poses with mobility and strengthening exercises, this class works the entire body, bringing it back to its natural state of agility and balance. Not suitable for beginners.



Deeply stretch the body in this slow-paced class. Similar to a restorative with the use a props, where restorative is relaxed, yin is active! Poses are held for extended periods of time, with the assistance of props, to dig deep into the tissues and find relief from chronic tension and overly tight muscles. A great practice for athletes or anyone looking to make greater progress with flexibility.


Yoga Mix

Sort of a yoga grab-bag. Sometimes fast-paced and rigorous, sometimes slow and meditative, and other times in between, but always enjoyable!


Gentle Yoga

Well-rounded, calming class that includes breath and gentle movement with passive and supported poses. This class is appropriate for those who prefer a softer approach to yoga or those with minor injury or limited mobility. 



First Friday

Join us for a special one-hour class the first Friday of every month! Each month will feature a different theme or style, so check on the Events page for upcoming classes’ descriptions.

Cost: 1 credit/$10



Enjoy 90 minutes of deep stretching and full-body relaxation. This class, held on the last Friday of each month, combines the static stretching of a yin class with the ultimate relaxation and support of a restorative class.

The class will begin with a Yin yoga practice, followed by a Restorative yoga practice. All asana will be on the mat with little to no standing poses. Both of these practices calm the mind and the nervous system, helping you connect with the physical and energy bodies. In Yin yoga, we work with muscle tissues, connective tissue, and fascia. Yin yoga poses are typically held between 2-5 minutes. In Restorative yoga, we work with relaxing, releasing, and restoring the muscles and mind. Restorative yoga poses are held 8 minutes or longer. The goal of this class is to rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

Cost: 2 credits/$20