Wellness Coaching

Many people are unfamiliar with coaching and how it can be a useful part of their holistic wellness journey. Coaching can do a variety of things for you, and it all depends on your unique needs.

What coaching is:
- discovering your personal strengths and values
- client-led goal setting
- re-prioritizing your life to align with your values
- discovering triggers and traumas coloring your life experience
- an opportunity to be heard and empathized with
- non-judgmental support

What coaching is not:
- consulting (I won’t tell you what to do)
- compliance or expectation-based (you are not accountable to me, you are accountable only to yourself)
- therapy or counseling

Coaching is appropriate for everyone and can be molded to fit your wellness journey. Whether you simply need someone to talk things over with, to get clear on your life purpose, or to set very specific goals to create lasting change in your life, I can provide you with support, critical questions to get you thinking deeper and into self-discovery, and non-judgmental empathy. The number one thing to know is you cannot disappoint me!


6-month program

$675 — Build new habits and lasting change with this long-term program. Commit to creating a happier, healthier and more authentic you! This program includes two 45-min sessions each month to dive into your strengths and values, discover skills that will enable you to create positive change in your life, and develop strategies for overcoming obstacles you may face.

single coaching session

$90/hr — Individual coaching sessions are great for follow-ups to previously completed programs or as stand-alone sessions for anyone who simply need a little help gaining clarity on a particular issue they are facing. Sessions can run from 30 minutes to an hour, with price adjusted accordingly.