Healing the Divine Feminine


what is the divine feminine?

This is the archetypal energy of the female, the yin. It’s right-brained, flowing, changeable, and nurturing. It’s the innocent maiden, the fertile mother, and the wise woman. It is knowledgeable in the cycles of life and death, the ebb and flow of our existence. It is receptive, holding space for all life to exist.

The feminine does not exist alone, nor should it. The perfection of balancing the divine masculine and feminine is the goal. But in our world, the masculine reigns supreme while the feminine is shunned, shamed, or destroyed. This is not a gender issue, this is an energy issue. Men and women alike need to learn to embrace the divine feminine and all her wisdom. To reconnect to your own innate intuition. To recognize when it is time to let go or to destroy, to make room for something new. To move through life with a gentleness that allows for things to flow freely to you. The masculine takes action, the feminine receives.

Heal yourself, heal the earth

Mama Gaia gives to us everything we need to flourish - food, building materials, medicine, love. It is all there for every living thing on this planet. She nurtures, she protects, and - when the time comes - she destroys. And in the wake of that destruction is rejuvenated life.

When we attune to her natural rhythms and begin to live in sync with nature, our footprint on this planet becomes light. Living naturally doesn’t mean living crudely. It means recognizing the wisdom of the seasonal foods and herbs. Aligning to the cycles of light and dark, both daily and seasonally. Respecting and supporting the intricate ecosystems surrounding us through our use of her resources. We make choices everyday in the way we live, the foods we eat, and the products we use. And these choices either support our cosmic mother or strive to “outwit'“ her through GMOs, artificially created materials, and lab-made medicines.

Healing the divine feminine program

If this powerfully resonates with you, but you don’t know where to begin, or you are looking for a support system and community to share your experiences with, I would love to work with you. I have had a myriad of experiences, seemingly unrelated, that have all led me to this path of awakening and honoring the divine feminine. Of serving the earth in love and gratitude and helping others to do the same.

This program will teach you how to awaken your intuition and use it as your guide through life. We are conditioned to turn to “experts” for guidance, advice, and instruction. I want you to become the expert on your own life. And that begins with cultivating your intuition. Everyone is different with unique experiences and biology, so what works for another may or may not work for you. I had to piece together my own healing protocol from dozens of different sources, each promising they had it figured out. They had figured it out for themselves! And I had to do the same. And so can you!

If you are a women, your menstrual cycle will become an important part of this work. Charting and living in sync with that most powerful cycle in our lives in transformational on every level. Falling in love with your cycle and releasing generations of shame around it and around the female body will be important steps along this healing road. If you are no longer menstruating, there is still much work that can be done around this topic, especially considering the emotional pain and self-worth issues that can accompany menopause. I also encourage you to attend the women’s circles I host every 6 weeks. They are a great opportunity to create a sisterhood, feel a sense of belonging, and connect deeply with other women in your community.

If you would like to work with me, I offer a 6-month program to dig into these issues and help you transform your life. You can also choose to purchase single appointments with me, meeting with me as you feel the need.


6-month program

$500 — Meet with me once a month for six months. Our first session with be a lengthy 90-minutes as we dig in to your personal experiences and goals and come up with a strategy to bring you into alignment with the divine feminine. This will be followed by five 1-hour monthly sessions to review, refocus, or add to your personalized program. Herbal support, intuition exercises, dietary suggestions, and cyclic living practices are just some of the tools that may be used. All of my programs are holistic and modalities can cross over based on the client’s needs. This program also includes weekly email check-ins to answer any questions that may have popped up. The emails are also a great way to document your experiences so we can discuss them at our next session.

single session

$90/hr — Get tips on cultivating your intuition, talk about experiences you are having, or gain insight on your menstrual chart. This session is a resource for you on your path towards healing the divine feminine.