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Yoga Mala

A yoga mala is traditional 108 sun salutations performed at auspicious times during the year. At the beginning of the practice, everyone chooses a personal affirmation or intention. It's yogi's choice whether to complete all 108 or to do a half (54) or even quarter (27) mala.

At this year's winter solstice, we will be hosting two yoga malas! The first one will be Dec. 20th at 5:30pm and will be in place of both evening classes. The second will be on Dec 21st, the day of the winter solstice, at 9am, also in place of the 9am Hatha class. Cost to attend the yoga mala is the same as attending a regular class.

When you have completed your chosen number of sun salutations, you may choose to either remain until the everyone has finished and the class is closed, or you may choose to leave. Timing for this event is tricky, as everyone goes at their own pace. For that reason, we are flexible with departure times.

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