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Summer Cleanse

This program is a highly-inclusive kick-start to a healthier lifestyle. This cleanse consists of three paths from which you can choose the one most appropriate for you. Receive the tools and knowledge to help you cleanse your mind and body of negative thoughts, sugar or caffeine. 

You’ll receive:

  • Email access for questions
  • One 45-min live coaching session
  • Digital downloads (meditation, recipes)
  • Supportive emails
  • hOMework
  • A one-hour yoga class*

*A class will be emailed to you if you cannot make the live class. 


  • Negative Thoughts - Thoughts are like footsteps. The more you have a thought, the deeper and more pronounced the pathway it creates. Work to retrain your thoughts to follow a different path, allowing healing of the old way. You will receive self-love exercises, forgiveness meditations, and positive affirmations to help you forge a new path and way of thinking.
  • Sugar - Processed sugar wreaks havoc on our health, and is one of the hardest habits to kick. If you're ready to commit to a serious change in your life or are just looking for a short-term cleanse, we can give you some tools and tips to get you through the process. Foods to avoid, detox methods, and recipes and tips to handle the cravings are all a part of this cleanse package.
  • Caffeine - Our world and our culture REVOLVE around caffeine! It's everywhere, from coffee and tea to your favorite chocolates and beyond. Many breakfast companies have taken to adding it to their products to ensure customers get that "extra boost" of energy they're looking for. Unfortunately, the long-term effects of caffeine on the nervous system and adrenal glands lead to over-taxing and under-performance, otherwise known as BURNOUT. It's a cyclical trap that many get caught in. Reset your body and mind and boost your body's natural ability to keep you feeling energized and awake from the time the alarm rings until your ready for bed.

Instructor: Lauren Holmes


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