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Align with the natural rhythms of your body and the earth to reconnect to your higher purpose and create a vibrant, joyful life. From weekly yoga classes with a variety of instructors to one-on-one coaching, yoga, and spirit medicine appointments with Rachel, let us help you cultivate wellness!



Connect to your body both physically and energetically. Weekly and monthly yoga classes for all levels of practitioners with a variety of class styles and instructors.

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Holistic Wellness

Living holistically is witnessing the integration of the individual into the whole and the reflection of the whole in the individual. Align with the cycles of Mama Gaia and our own bodies and embrace the wisdom of the natural world.

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Wellness Packages

Private appointments and wellness packages available with Rachel for wellness coaching, spirit medicine, and yoga.

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About Mama Gaia Medicine

Mama Gaia Medicine is founded on the principle of attuning to the cycles of the earth and discovering the tools for healing found in the natural world, such as yoga, herbs, and energy medicine. Rachel’s purpose is to provide a service of love and wellness to the community and, in particular, support women’s reconnection to the divine feminine.


Attune to the cycles of Mama Gaia. Sign up for your free 4-week e-course to reconnect to the natural rhythms of life.

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Wellness Information

Links and blog posts about all things holistic. From yoga and meditation to nutrition and spirituality, we’ve got you covered with esoteric, metaphysical and alternative health information.