Cultivate Wellness

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Gaia Sophia can help you cultivate wellness in your life. From weekly yoga classes with a variety of instructors to one-on-one nutritional, coaching, yoga, and spiritual wellness appointments with Rachel, let us help you create a joyful life!



Gaia Sophia’s purpose is to provide a service of love and wellness to the community. Promoting holistic health and joyful living is our mission.

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What Is Holistic Wellness?

Living holistically is witnessing the integration of the individual into the whole and the reflection of the whole in the individual. Each part is tied together, working synergistically to create wellness or illness.

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Links and blog posts about all things holistic. From yoga and meditation to nutrition and spirituality, we’ve got you covered with esoteric, metaphysical and alternative health information.

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Yoga Studio

Weekly and monthly yoga classes for all levels of practitioners. A variety of class styles and instructors keeps things fresh while multiple membership and pricing options help the classes fit within your schedule and budget.


Forget not that the earth delights to feel your bare feet
and the winds long to play with your hair.

— Khalil Gibran


Wellness Center

Private appointments and wellness packages available with Rachel for nutritional consulting, wellness coaching, spiritual wellness, and yoga.