Taurus Season 2019

This weekend, the Sun moved into the sign of Taurus. Symbolized by the bull, the energy of this sign is very feminine and earthy. It’s a time for grounding into this reality, cultivating beauty and abundance, and stubbornly staying the course.

heart flowers.jpg

Venus, the ruler of Taurus, also changed signs this weekend and moved into Aries. This will color the energy of most of this Taurus cycle and propel the natural persistence of Taurus into committed action.

And if that’s not enough to convince you now’s the time to act, the Sun is also conjunct Uranus, an eccentric and rebellious energy that loves change and revolution. Taurus season can at times bring a stagnation and heaviness that stalls action. But Uranus counters this imbalance by encouraging new and unique ideas and perspectives. Coupled with the action-based energy of Venus in Aries, the stage is set for creating positive change and a richer life.

All of these energies are combining at this time on the earth and creating a window of fruitful manifestation. Whether you’re looking for a lasting relationship, a new business venture, creating a garden, or any goal that will bring you abundance, luxury, and beauty, now is the time!

Your natal chart will further give you clues to where this energy can most potently be directed. Whichever house Taurus is on the cusp of will be the area of life most ready for a makeover. And if this is your natal sun sign, happy solar return!

~ Rachel

Private Yoga Sessions

Why take private yoga lessons?

There are dozens of reasons to seek private instruction. Much like a personal trainer, a private yoga session is tailored to meet your specific needs, even if you’re not sure what they are yet! Yoga can help address physical complaints and fitness goals, but it does so much more!

I first came to the mat in search of peace and relaxation. It began with an Enya CD and basic seated stretches. And as I felt better, I wanted more. I started researching yoga, the poses, how to breathe, and just couldn’t stop. It helped level out my erratic emotions, giving me at least a short respite during the day where I genuinely felt good. The first several years of my practice was inconsistent, and so were the results. But the mat kept calling, especially during the dark moments when I felt lost and like I had nothing left.

I began the practice with limited physical expectations. I’d suffered an injury in high school that had led to more serious complications and surgery on my back that I was sure would limit my practice and range of motion. Instead, I found myself doing things I’d never dreamed capable of even before my injury!

So my practice became about both my emotional as well as my physical well-being.

And before long, I discovered just how closely intertwined the two are. And my practice deepened. My understanding of myself and my purpose deepened. Yoga was the door into a whole new reality where I wasn’t a victim of circumstance, but had the power to train myself and my body to respond rather than react. To breathe through difficult situations. To consciously regulate my nervous system and release both physical and mental tension. Sound crazy? If you’ve never practiced breathing techniques, then maybe. But just one session of alternate nostril breathing can make you a believer.

Group classes for many are that first step into the world of yoga. It’s a safe place where they can blend in to the group and start their practice. But group classes are geared towards the needs of the majority, and so can leave some behind – whether because of experience level, injury, or some other variable. Private sessions can be a perfect solution. A practice designed just for you and your needs. The ability to ask and have answered all your questions. The practice can be as advanced or as scaled back as suits you. Sometimes, one or two sessions meet an individual’s needs if they just have a few questions or specific asanas they need assistance with. But for real results, commitment is needed, as with anything else.

If you are looking to transform your life with yoga, a daily practice is the key, committing to a certain amount of time on the mat, whether in asana, pranayama or meditation practice.

Private sessions with me can be held a couple times a week to once every couple of weeks or as needed to keep you on track and advancing in your practice. And I’m always available outside the sessions to answer questions. I also offer nutritional and ayurvedic guidance to clients as needed, to create a holistic approach to their health. Food is medicine, and no amount and time on the mat can counteract a toxic diet.

If you are interested in private sessions or would like more information to see if they are right for you, call or email today!

Yoga Playlist

Good day yogis!

Music plays such an important part in our lives. It sets the mood, or changes it. It can illicit feelings from us, and turns videos into epic masterpieces. Simply put, music is one of the most powerful tools we have for making an immediate change in our lives. 

As such, every so often I'm going to be sharing some of my favorite songs, mantras or instrumentals that create a space of happiness, peace, and healing. Enjoy!

  • Darshan - Ajeet Kaur

The whole album is fabulous, but possibly my favorite track is this one:

  • Guru Om - Donna De Lory

I am obsessed with Donna De Lory's music. Her voice is magical and I love her spin on mantras. She has several albums chock-full of goodies, but this song, from her Sanctuary album, is beautiful in its simplicity:

  • Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu - Will Blunderfield

  • Suddhosi Buddhosi - The Love Keys

My favorite song is Come Whoever You Are, a really lovely song based on a Rumi poem. But Suddhosi Buddhosi is equally enchanting.

  • Jai-Jagdeesh - Dharti Hai

This mantra helps you to pull energy upward from the earth and downward from the ethers, joining at and projecting out from the heart. This is exactly how we channel energy efficiently through the chakras. The heart chakra is the balance point, uniting the lower vibrating physical manifestation/earth energies and the higher vibrational energies of the mind and spirit. When balanced, we are both grounded and expansive, existing in harmony with the inherent duality of life in the physical.

  • Shamanic Drumming World - Shamanic Tranquility Dreams

This subtle shamanic drumming album keeps you motivated and relaxed all at the same time. Some tracks bring the beat to the forefront and others will lull you to sleep. Great background music for a meditative practice. 

You can listen to track previews   here  .

You can listen to track previews here.

February: American Heart Month

February is American Heart Month, so we'd like to highlight some of the benefits yoga offers in regards to heart health.

Yoga is more than a workout, it is a lifestyle. It's embracing an attitude of letting go. It's taking control of the breath and slowing the respiratory rate. It's adopting a new viewpoint regarding diet. And, yes, it's strengthening, toning, and stretching the body. Yoga is about uniting the mind, body, and spirit, and when we do those that, our stress levels lower and we begin to retrain our body's response system. We learn, through practicing with the breath during yoga, to respond calmly to circumstances rather than giving in to the stress reaction. Lower stress means lower blood pressure!

The most common things you will hear in yoga class is "Breathe!" 

The breath is the be-all, end-all of the practice. First comes awareness, then a slowing and deepening, followed by an evening of the inhale and exhale, until finally we unite the breath with asanas - or poses. Whether you're sitting calmly in easy pose or handstand, the aim is for the breath to never waiver. By practicing with a deep slow breath, the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged, and the body is told to relax. So by placing the body in a difficult pose, like chaturanga or dhanurasana, and activating the relaxation response, we are training the body to react differently to traditionally stressful stimuli. 

If you're looking to really make a dent in your stress levels, meditation may be the answer. Stress is intrinsically linked to our health, and keeping it in check is important to our heart, brain, gut, and adrenals. Meditation is the most effective way to lower stress. Check this out from a Harvard Health Letter:

How does meditation affect you physiologically? "It appears to produce changes in brain activity. It also can lower your heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, oxygen consumption, adrenaline levels, and levels of cortisol, a hormone released in response to stress..."

Not sure how to get started with a meditation practice? Ask your instructor after class, or schedule a private session. But all you really need is a quiet place and just 2 minutes of conscious breathing and you are well on your way!

Another factor aiding heart health is the recommended diet for yogis - an Ayurvedic diet. There is a lot of contradictory evidence regarding diet and heart health out there today. Whatever your stance on diet, you could likely find a "study" that backs up your views.

The Ayurvedic diet, however, has been practiced for thousands of years and with great results.

It is plant-based and consists of minimal animal products and, ideally, no meat. This is for health as well as energetic reasons. If you would like to learn more about this diet, check out our upcoming event, Food as Medicine: Introduction to an Ayurvedic Diet.

Still not convinced? Check out this article by the American Heart Association, or this one from Harvard Medical School. See you on the mat!

30 Day Yoga Challenge

We are hosting another 30 Day Yoga Challenge this January! Kick off your new year with a commitment to health and well-being. Establish a disciplined practice and attend 25 classes in the month of January. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive:

  • A T-shirt or Tank Top with an exclusive design
  • 25% off a workshop in 2018

To participate, make sure you let your instructor know before your first class in January. Happy Holidays yogis and we look forward to seeing you all in the new year!

Asteya - Practicing Non-Stealing

Within the practice of yoga, there are observances for both inter-personal relations and your relationship with yourself.

These guidelines, the yamas and niyamas, are universal and can be found in some form in many spiritual traditions worldwide. The yamas which regulate our interactions with others include:

  1. Ahimsa - Non-violence
  2. Asteya - Non-stealing
  3. Satya - Truthfulness
  4. Aparigraha - Non-possessiveness
  5. Brahmacharya - Non-excess

And the niyamas which provide guidelines for our personal practice are:

  1. Saucha - Purity
  2. Santosha - Contentment
  3. Tapas - Self-discipline
  4. Svadhyaya - Self-study
  5. Ishvara Pranidhana - Devotion

Asteya, or non-stealing, often quickly gets checked off the list and forgotten. "Oh, I don't steal, so I'm good with this one!" Material items, maybe. But what if we take the material out of the picture. What then is left to "steal?" 


How many times have you thought "Wow, what a waste of my time." What brought that one? Unhelpful customer service? Long lines or on hold only to be dropped or told you cannot be helped? A trivial conversation that goes on and on? We've all been on the receiving end of this at some point. But how many times have we delivered this kind of service or delay to another? How many times have we unnecessarily asked for someone to do something for us we were perfectly capable of? And at what point does it become an infringement upon their time and free-will? I am not indicting anyone or suggesting you must change your behavior in some way. I simply want to provide some food for thought.


Imagine, you've just received some terrific news or a long-awaited package in the mail. You run up to a friend, coworker, or loved one to share your excitement, only to be met with a lackluster acknowledgment and dismissive look. Your balloon bursts, your deflated, and the joy you hoped to share is gone. We have all been there, on both sides of this scenario. It's so easy to get caught up in our own lives we don't have time to consider another's. Maybe you had a bad day. Maybe you were busy and stressed. Maybe you had your own news to share you overshadowed theirs. It happens. But next time it does, you can think about it afterwards. Consider the situation and look for ways to improve in the future.

Peace of Mind

There is nothing quite like having your peace of mind taken away. To be sure, the advanced practitioner does not allow others to steal away contentment, happiness or time. She simply flows with it, remaining calm and still while the storm passes. For the rest of us, we need a little help and a lot of practice. So when another person displays aggressive or unpredictable or suggestive behavior, oftentimes it sends us into a downward spiral of stress, anger and fear. To be sure, not everyone intends to have that effect on you. They may consider it a joke or harmless. We cannot be responsible for how others react. But we can reflect, look at our motives for our words or deeds. And when we observe others reacting negatively, consider the necessity of what we said or did. When all else fails, remember, was it true? Was it kind? Was it necessary? Just because a statement is true, does not make it kind or necessary. That can be said of all three of these attributes. If the statement or action doesn't meet all three, then seriously consider remaining in inaction. At the end of the day, we each have our own path. We each have our own free-will. And to force a truth on someone who does not want the truth is an infringement upon their free-will. 

I hope this has provided some food for thought. Let us all find ways of interacting with each other to promote love, kindness, contentment, and tolerance. And remember, the world doesn't exist only on the material plane. When you take "things" out of the equation, how do you relate to the other yamas and niyamas?

**NEW** Beginner's Series

One of our missions here at TYWC is to bring yoga to the community at large. There seems to be widespread interest in the practice of yoga and its health and wellness benefits.

But at the same time, there is an intimidation factor, entering into an unknown practice with the only base of reference coming from super-flexy yogis on social media or from online yoga classes. Stepping out of the comfort and safety of your home and into a public class is an act of courage! And we want to help you make that transition as smooth as possible.

We have restructured our Beginner's Series, listening to feedback and requests from series' alum and clients. We are now offering a series of 6 modules, 2 hours each, totaling 12 hours of practice and guidance catered to the new yogi. Whether you've never been in a downward-facing dog, or you've practiced at home but are still unsure about form and breath, this series is for YOU! We want you to be confident, we want you to be safe, and we want you to create a sustainable practice where you receive maximum benefits from your practice time.

Why the new layout?

We have doubled the training hours you will receive in this series. We want you to complete the series feeling like you got this! To be sure, you won't finish and immediately emerge an expert yogi, ready to master expert poses. But what we do hope to give you is confidence in your abilities to hang with existing clients in our public classes. We want to provide you with a solid foundation in basic yoga technique and familiarity with a variety of common poses you'll encounter in public classes.

We have divided the class into separate modules, or workshops. This means you're not committed to 6 consecutive weeks of classes. Instead, this layout allows you to work the series into your already busy schedule. There is also a fair amount of flexibility within the program. Modules 1 & 6 have no prerequistes. Modules 2-4 only require you to have previously taken module 1 - otherwise, those 3 modules may be taken in any order. Module 5 requires modules 1-4 to have been completed. You can consider this module your "graduation," the culmination of the previous four classes. And the cherry on top is the meditation module, module 6. If the fifth class is the culmination of the others, #6 is the ultimate goal of all yoga practice. However, you can take the sixth module at any time during the series.

What's the investment?

Just as there is flexibility in the schedule, there is flexibility in pricing. This takes some of the commitment factor out of it. Each two-hour module is $30, or the entire series may be purchased for $120. If you decide to purchase the whole series, you do not have to immediately sign up for all 6 modules. 6 credits for the modules are issued to your account, and you can then sign up for one module at a time, even choosing to use a credit to retake a module if you feel the need.

To view the schedule for all six modules or to sign up, visit our Courses page. You can also check out or sign up for each module individually on our Events page.

If you have any questions, email us at info@templeyogawellness.com.


New Schedule and Pricing

We will have a new schedule and pricing going into affect June 1, 2017


Three new classes will be coming to the morning schedule, as well as some time changes. Additions and changes are as follows:

9am Hatha with Serena
10:30am Chair Yoga with Rachel

9am Yin with Serena
10:30am Meditation with Rachel

In addition, we heard your requests, and our Friday evening Relax & Restore will include meditation. Now, whether you attend mornings or evenings, you have access to a meditation class!


We are making a few changes to current prices. The new price list follows, with changes italicized.

Drop-In  $9
5 Pack  $35
15 Pack  $90
One Month Unlimited $75

Monthly Subscription (Membership) $55

Our Beginner's Series will also reflect similar changes, with a regular price of $75, but a discount price of $55 with purchase of Monthly Subscription. (The start date of monthly subscription can begin anytime from date of purchase thru the day after the final day of the series.)

Current prices, as well as our 30 Days for $30 special, will continue to be available through May 31st.

We love being able to provide you with a diverse schedule and a variety of wellness events. Thank you all so much for your support and patronage as we continue to grow and spread the light of yoga and holistic wellness. 

Ayurveda, the Doshas, and Managing Your Health

Ayurveda is an ancient science that has been used for millennia to treat and prevent disease. When the world is regarded from an Ayurvedic perspective, everything is described in terms of qualities. These qualities, when grouped together, create the five elements. And from these five elements arise the three doshas. Every person is made up of a unique combination of the three doshas, and understand your prakriti, or constitution, as well as your vikriti, current imbalance, is essential to keeping yourself balanced, healthy, and at ease. 

This chart can be a quick reference tool to use as you begin to identify your own constitution. From illness and disease to the digestive process to emotions, begin to describe your world using these qualities, and soon the picture will become clearer which dosha or doshas predominate in your life. For a comprehensive understanding of your prakriti/vikriti and how to find balance in your life, make an appointment for Ayurvedic Guidance.

New Year's 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Put that New Year's Resolution to the test! Show yourself you can do it and transform your life with the 30 Day Yoga Challenge - the only person you are competing with is yourself!  In the month of January, attend at least 25 classes and you will receive 25% off your next purchase and 5 guest passes*. If you miss days, double up and take a morning and evening class. This is doable, this is fun, and most importantly this has the power to change your life! If you'd like to participate, let us know when you come to your first class in January and we will add you to the challenge board. Help us keep track of your participation by ensuring all of your attendances are recorded on the board. 

*Guests do not have to attend class with you. Just give us a head's up, and we will apply a pass towards their visit!