New Year's 30 Day Yoga Challenge

Put that New Year's Resolution to the test! Show yourself you can do it and transform your life with the 30 Day Yoga Challenge - the only person you are competing with is yourself!  In the month of January, attend at least 25 classes and you will receive 25% off your next purchase and 5 guest passes*. If you miss days, double up and take a morning and evening class. This is doable, this is fun, and most importantly this has the power to change your life! If you'd like to participate, let us know when you come to your first class in January and we will add you to the challenge board. Help us keep track of your participation by ensuring all of your attendances are recorded on the board. 

*Guests do not have to attend class with you. Just give us a head's up, and we will apply a pass towards their visit!