Ayurveda, the Doshas, and Managing Your Health

Ayurveda is an ancient science that has been used for millennia to treat and prevent disease. When the world is regarded from an Ayurvedic perspective, everything is described in terms of qualities. These qualities, when grouped together, create the five elements. And from these five elements arise the three doshas. Every person is made up of a unique combination of the three doshas, and understand your prakriti, or constitution, as well as your vikriti, current imbalance, is essential to keeping yourself balanced, healthy, and at ease. 

This chart can be a quick reference tool to use as you begin to identify your own constitution. From illness and disease to the digestive process to emotions, begin to describe your world using these qualities, and soon the picture will become clearer which dosha or doshas predominate in your life. For a comprehensive understanding of your prakriti/vikriti and how to find balance in your life, make an appointment for Ayurvedic Guidance.