**NEW** Beginner's Series

One of our missions here at TYWC is to bring yoga to the community at large. There seems to be widespread interest in the practice of yoga and its health and wellness benefits.

But at the same time, there is an intimidation factor, entering into an unknown practice with the only base of reference coming from super-flexy yogis on social media or from online yoga classes. Stepping out of the comfort and safety of your home and into a public class is an act of courage! And we want to help you make that transition as smooth as possible.

We have restructured our Beginner's Series, listening to feedback and requests from series' alum and clients. We are now offering a series of 6 modules, 2 hours each, totaling 12 hours of practice and guidance catered to the new yogi. Whether you've never been in a downward-facing dog, or you've practiced at home but are still unsure about form and breath, this series is for YOU! We want you to be confident, we want you to be safe, and we want you to create a sustainable practice where you receive maximum benefits from your practice time.

Why the new layout?

We have doubled the training hours you will receive in this series. We want you to complete the series feeling like you got this! To be sure, you won't finish and immediately emerge an expert yogi, ready to master expert poses. But what we do hope to give you is confidence in your abilities to hang with existing clients in our public classes. We want to provide you with a solid foundation in basic yoga technique and familiarity with a variety of common poses you'll encounter in public classes.

We have divided the class into separate modules, or workshops. This means you're not committed to 6 consecutive weeks of classes. Instead, this layout allows you to work the series into your already busy schedule. There is also a fair amount of flexibility within the program. Modules 1 & 6 have no prerequistes. Modules 2-4 only require you to have previously taken module 1 - otherwise, those 3 modules may be taken in any order. Module 5 requires modules 1-4 to have been completed. You can consider this module your "graduation," the culmination of the previous four classes. And the cherry on top is the meditation module, module 6. If the fifth class is the culmination of the others, #6 is the ultimate goal of all yoga practice. However, you can take the sixth module at any time during the series.

What's the investment?

Just as there is flexibility in the schedule, there is flexibility in pricing. This takes some of the commitment factor out of it. Each two-hour module is $30, or the entire series may be purchased for $120. If you decide to purchase the whole series, you do not have to immediately sign up for all 6 modules. 6 credits for the modules are issued to your account, and you can then sign up for one module at a time, even choosing to use a credit to retake a module if you feel the need.

To view the schedule for all six modules or to sign up, visit our Courses page. You can also check out or sign up for each module individually on our Events page.

If you have any questions, email us at info@templeyogawellness.com.