Private Yoga Sessions

Why take private yoga lessons?

There are dozens of reasons to seek private instruction. Much like a personal trainer, a private yoga session is tailored to meet your specific needs, even if you’re not sure what they are yet! Yoga can help address physical complaints and fitness goals, but it does so much more!

I first came to the mat in search of peace and relaxation. It began with an Enya CD and basic seated stretches. And as I felt better, I wanted more. I started researching yoga, the poses, how to breathe, and just couldn’t stop. It helped level out my erratic emotions, giving me at least a short respite during the day where I genuinely felt good. The first several years of my practice was inconsistent, and so were the results. But the mat kept calling, especially during the dark moments when I felt lost and like I had nothing left.

I began the practice with limited physical expectations. I’d suffered an injury in high school that had led to more serious complications and surgery on my back that I was sure would limit my practice and range of motion. Instead, I found myself doing things I’d never dreamed capable of even before my injury!

So my practice became about both my emotional as well as my physical well-being.

And before long, I discovered just how closely intertwined the two are. And my practice deepened. My understanding of myself and my purpose deepened. Yoga was the door into a whole new reality where I wasn’t a victim of circumstance, but had the power to train myself and my body to respond rather than react. To breathe through difficult situations. To consciously regulate my nervous system and release both physical and mental tension. Sound crazy? If you’ve never practiced breathing techniques, then maybe. But just one session of alternate nostril breathing can make you a believer.

Group classes for many are that first step into the world of yoga. It’s a safe place where they can blend in to the group and start their practice. But group classes are geared towards the needs of the majority, and so can leave some behind – whether because of experience level, injury, or some other variable. Private sessions can be a perfect solution. A practice designed just for you and your needs. The ability to ask and have answered all your questions. The practice can be as advanced or as scaled back as suits you. Sometimes, one or two sessions meet an individual’s needs if they just have a few questions or specific asanas they need assistance with. But for real results, commitment is needed, as with anything else.

If you are looking to transform your life with yoga, a daily practice is the key, committing to a certain amount of time on the mat, whether in asana, pranayama or meditation practice.

Private sessions with me can be held a couple times a week to once every couple of weeks or as needed to keep you on track and advancing in your practice. And I’m always available outside the sessions to answer questions. I also offer nutritional and ayurvedic guidance to clients as needed, to create a holistic approach to their health. Food is medicine, and no amount and time on the mat can counteract a toxic diet.

If you are interested in private sessions or would like more information to see if they are right for you, call or email today!