Holistic Nutrition Consulting

I have found in my experience the most oft overlooked alternative medicine is food! Many people are ready to try medicinal herbs, alternative therapies, and mindfulness practice like yoga and meditation, but few are ready to truly change their relationship with food.

Food is an important part of human culture. We base nearly all our holidays and celebrations around it. It can trigger feelings of happiness, contentment, safety, nostalgia, and all manner of other emotions. Food is an integral part of our holistic experience. And it is the most widely ignored or abused.

For many in the Western world, food has become a coping mechanism or a trigger or addiction. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of foods purpose of healing and nourishing the body and instead use it to cope with our unprocessed emotions. Living in a culture that doesn’t teach proper coping mechanism and emotional maturity, it was inevitable this unhealthy relationship with food would develop.

In addition, much of what the mainstream community teaches us about nutrition is based on misinterpreted or faulty studies and is doing us more harm than good! The world of nutrition has been flipped on its head, and chronic disease has been our inheritance.

To learn more about how to cultivate a healthier relationship with food and develop skills to aid you in the process, check out the offering below. If you are interested in support for chronic illness, improving digestion and immunity, or implementing long-term nutritional protocols, I offer 3-month and 6-month nutritional programs.


nutritional consulting

$75/hr — These individual consultations are great follow-ups for pre-existing clients who have already gone through the 3- or 6-month program, for those without serious difficulty or illness who need a little guidance in how to improve or maximize their nutrition, or for anyone suffering from an acute illness such as a cold, flu, etc, that would benefit from a short-term nutritional/herbal protocol.

cooking class

$125 — Gain basic cooking skills to aid you on your wellness journey. Available for individuals or groups. Group cooking classes can be a fun evening with friends while also being budget-conscious. We will plan the meal together to create a relevant learning and cooking experience. Ingredients are not included in this price, but can be provided for an additional charge.

shopping trips

$50 — Learn how to read labels, see beyond deceptive advertising, and shop for high quality ingredients on a budget. Learning these skills is a critical part of your holistic journey. Without them, the shopping experience can be stressful or unproductive - believing you’ve made smart purchases only to discover hidden ingredients or poor quality and wasted money.