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Fall Into Healthy Choices

This online-only cleanse consists of three paths from which you can choose the one most appropriate for you. Receive the tools and knowledge to help you cleanse your mind and body of negative thoughts, sugar or the digital world.

You’ll receive:

  • 30-min yoga flow
  • Three emails/week to keep you on track
  • An empowering meditation



  • Negative Thoughts - Thoughts are like footsteps. The more you have a thought, the deeper and more pronounced the pathway it creates. Work to retrain your thoughts to follow a different path, allowing healing of the old way. 
  • Sugar - Processed sugar wreaks havoc on our health, and is one of the hardest habits to kick. If you're ready to commit to a serious change in your life or are just looking for a short-term cleanse, we can give you some tools and tips to get you through the process. An ebook with healthy recipe choices for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
  • Digital - Screen time can quickly become an addiction that steals many opportunities to be present. With our heads down focused on the carefully crafted world of social media, engaging with people online rather than in person, or stuck on work, we miss opportunities and the beauty that surrounds us everyday. This cleanse will help you to consciously set time aside each day to detach from the online world and focus on the NOW.

Instructor: Lauren Holmes

This cleanse will be available for purchase until the end of October.

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