Personal and Group Yoga Instruction


Private sessions provide an opportunity to address very specific questions, imbalances, or to go deeper within your own practice. These sessions are not just for providing yoga asanas for symptom relief - personal instruction enables the instructor to curate a unique practice designed specifically for you. This may include particular poses, pranayama, visualizations or dietary suggestions. The purpose of these sessions is to provide clients with tools to bring a balance to their whole lives - body, mind, emotions, and spirit - while also facilitating healing during the sessions themselves. Personal instruction is suited to ALL levels of practitioners, whether a seasoned yogi or complete beginner! For more information, read my blog post Why Take Private Yoga Sessions?


A private group session is perfect for parties, family gatherings, or other special occasions. From adult and children's birthday parties to holidays and bachelorette parties, a private yoga class for you and your friends or family could be just the thing to create a memorable and positive experience. So next time you are planning a party or ladies' night, think Temple Yoga Wellness Center!

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Rates for Individual Instruction:

$50/hr (add $1/mile outside of Temple city limits)

Rates for Group Sessions:

$100/hr for 2-10 people; for groups larger than 10, +$10/additional person.

To book, email or call 254-935-YOGA