Spirit Medicine


spirit medicine

A critical step in holistic healing is addressing the energetic body and spiritual connection. When we disconnect from spirit and do not take care of our energetic bodies, our health suffers. Unfortunately, we are not taught how to do this! Or, we are actively taught not to do this! But the fact is, illness manifests first in our energy bodies as blockages. What causes the blockage can vary from environmental factors to trauma and unprocessed emotions to constitution and personality, but it will always appear first as subtle vibrational energy before manifesting in physical reality.

Below are my various offerings for fostering spiritual connection, self-realization, and energy clearing. Spirit Medicine wellness packages are also available for a deep re-connection to the Self.

If you are interested in creating a yoga, meditation, or pranayama practice, visit the Private Yoga Sessions page.


Energy Clearing

$75/hr — Investigate the health of your energy system and clear blockages limiting your overall well-being. Only one energy center, or chakra, can be cleared per session, unless client has already undergone a clearing for all seven and is seeking maintenance. The chakra to be cleared will be determined during the session.

inner child healing

$75/hr — This process is helpful for healing inner child wounds that are manifesting as adult triggers and blockages. This session will walk you through the process of re-writing and integrating these wounds and fractured aspects of your personality. Can be combined with an energy clearing, if desired. This may not be appropriate for those with major childhood traumas and abuse.


Natal Chart Reading: $75/hr — Learn about your astrological natal chart and gain clarity on personality traits, life patterns, relationships, and much more. Like a blueprint for your soul’s journey in this life, your natal chart can provide insights and reveal personal strengths and tendencies.

Transit Reading: $22 — Discover how transits (movement of planets) are affecting your life. Particularly useful for tuning into the moon phases or sun sign shifts, but can also be helpful in understanding any planet’s sign change or retrograde period. No appointment necessary as these readings can be done via email.

Transit + Tarot Reading: $33


$22 — Much maligned and misunderstood, tarot is simply a tool for tuning into intuition. Tarot and oracle cards can be used to gain insight into circumstances in your life and offer guidance on steps to take to bring you into alignment with your path. No appointment necessary, as these readings are done via email.