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Lunar Magic

Understanding and working with the moon - our closest celestial neighbor - can help you to flow with the changing energies throughout the month and year. Each full and new moon brings a time for release and manifestation. And each one interacts with our lives uniquely and individually.


Cards and astrology have been used since ancient times to understand our universe and our personal experiences. Tarot and oracle cards are a method of receiving clear guidance from your Higher Self, Source, God. Astrology helps us to understand the interplay of energies affecting life here on earth. Within the context of the lunar cycle, these methods of divination can bring insight into the area of your life being lit up by the full/new moon. Then you can set appropriate intentions for each cycle, working efficiently with the universe's ever-changing energy. The readings are done via email and in the order in which they are received. At this time, lunar readings will be done within 24-hours of the full or new moon, although you may purchase at any time.



A full or new moon tarot reading will consist of at least two cards. The first card(s) indicates your personal theme for that lunar cycle. The second card(s) further explains how or where the theme will play out in your life. This information helps you to work more efficiently with the lunar energy, setting an appropriate intention to maximize results.




An astrology reading will explain how the full or new moon is impacting your natal chart, including which house it falls into and any important aspects to natal planets. It will also look at the current astrological interactions and how that is shaping the energy of the moon. Like the tarot reading, this helps you to better understand what direction to go when choosing an intention.

Your first astrology reading will necessarily include a bit more information about your natal chart, so you have a basic knowledge of your planets and houses.

$22 - initial reading
$11 - future readings


Tarot + Astrology

This combines the previous two for the most enlightening and directional reading for your new or full moon intentions. With an understanding of the astrological significance and interaction, combined with the clear direction and message from the tarot or oracle cards, you will be guided to the area of your life being "lit up" by that lunar cycle. This is the reading I do for myself twice each month, as well as anytime I'm feeling lost or "off".

As with the astrology reading, your first tarot + astrology reading will be a bit more in-depth as a deeper look and explanation of your natal chart is necessary.

$33 - initial reading
$22 - future readings

Lunar Magic Reading
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**These readings are intended to be used in conjunction with the new or full moon. However, as I mentioned in the tarot + astrology explanation, you can request a reading anytime you are looking for direction or understanding of life experiences. Same rates apply.